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Featured pelvic floor exercisers



Kegel Balls and Pelvic Floor

The active principle consists of Kegel Balls is inducing small vibrations inside the vagina. These vibrations will get moving with Kegel Balls introduced into your body.

Internal balls hit the walls and floor of your vagina causing pelvic floor muscles contract and relax, making them work smoothly.

In Pelvia ® we will help and advise at all times so you can choose the most appropriate kegel balls and put your needs at your disposal to do so only products approved and hypoallergenic materials for your safety and peace of mind.

The Kegel Balls will change your life, what are you waiting for?


About Pelvia®

Pelvia ® offers "Health, Pleasure and Self-Knowledge" and puts at your disposal all useful information for your Pelvic Floor Care.

In Pelvia ® we also put at your disposal our pelvic floor specialists to help you in anything you need.

We will explain in a clear and accessible how to enjoy all the benefits of a properly toned pelvic floor and at all times we will provide practical information in an accessible and exposed for you to enjoy a discreet delivery service and effective.

Returns to be you with peace of mind and minimal effort. Because it is natural to feel good.



Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are a few simple routines you can do to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It is never too late to revive our pelvic floor tone. These simple exercises will improve your response on that area before performing with your Kegel Balls.

These perineum muscles may weaken for several reasons: the childbirth, decreased levels of estrogen during and after menopause, the increase in pressure of the muscles running or coughing, or by keeping these muscles inactive. When the muscles of the perineum are weak, you may notice any of the following problems: nagging feeling of pressure or heaviness in the area, leakage of urine when laughing, coughing, running or doing certain exercises.