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Fun Toys GBalls 2, Sex‑fitness Coach

Fun Toys GBalls 2, Sex‑fitness Coach

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Quick Overview:

Gballs 2 team is a group of international entrepreneurs, researchers, designers, engineers and health specialists. The team has come together to introduce new solutions to the women's health sector.

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Fun Toys' technical team integrates state‑of‑the‑art sensors and wireless technology to develop products that work in synchronization with human health science.

Your personal coach for kegel exercises
- Personalized virtual coach
- 6 comprehensive training courses
- Voice guide
- Daily target
- Badges & reward system

Gballs 2 exercises improved results
- 6 individualized training courses
- Exercising the right pelvic floor muscles
- Guided daily exercises
- Track daily exercise activity
- Badges, rewards and game‑like training system
- A fun way to train the pelvic floor muscles
- Advancing reward system at various course levels
- Ultra sensitive pressure sensor
- Multiple sensors ensures accuracy of biofeedback.
- Splash‑proof
- Silicone unified body.
- Bluetooth 4.0 technology
- Wireless and low power consumption.
- Gballs 2 works in non‑app mode.

- Material: body-safe silicon/ABS
- Size: 31 x 82 mm
- Weight: 54 g
- Battery: 200 mah
- Working time: 4 hours
- Frequency: 7200/minutes
- Waterproof: 100%

Contents of package:
• Gballs 2
• User Guide
• Storage Bag
• USB DC Cable 

Cleaning //

Wash your Pelvic Floor Exercisers time with water, neither hot nor cold . Avoid immersing them or leave them under the faucet with a strong stream of water. Apply soap with your hands with a gentle massage and avoid wetting electronic parts should have this possibility , particularly in those toys salpicables not .

To clean Pelvic Floor Exercisers , use a mild soap , natural antibacterial solution or specific tissues . Once clear and clean , always dry your toys into the air to avoid waste rags, paper or towels in direct contact material . In case of accidental wetting electronic somewhere , leave your Pelvic Floor Exerciser disassembled into all its parts possible and deposit it in a dry and ventilated place , until it loses any trace of moisture.

Conservation //

Keep your Pelvic Floor Exerciser in a cool, dry, isolated from direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes . Find contact material that is made to avoid possible allergic reactions to components or deterioration by incorrect use of lubricants , creams , fluids or soaps unsuitable or incompatible with his composition. Remember that the lubricants with bases called " water " are compatible with all materials. If you will not use your Pelvic Floor Exerciser ( contact materials not rigid) for a long period of time, should save it under a thin layer of natural talc without flavorings or additives to better preserve its qualities.