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Pjur Aqua 100 ml., water based intimate lubricant

Pjur Aqua 100 ml., water based intimate lubricant

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Pjur Aqua 100ml. sliding lubricant is ideal for providing extra lubrication for to maximize the qualities of our favorite pelvic floor trainer or also to reduce friction during intercourse uncomfortable. It supports all kinds of materials.

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Intimate Lubricant , CE certified as medical grade product with a unique patented composition. Water based formula premium. A few drops of Pjur Aqua are sufficient to lubricate the place you like most. Also compatible with the most sensitive skin and mucous membranes, as well as latex condoms .Furthermore, Pjur Aqua moistens and protects the dry and sensitive skin, is completely absorbed and leaves skin soft, supple and silky, making it suitable for everyday use. For a water-based formula, the only appreciable residue Through the softness that leaves its trace.Contains no oils, non-staining, non- greasy and is not a contraceptive and spermicide leads... It is simply a sliding formula ideal for providing extra lubrication during intercourse or to maximize the qualities of our pelvic floor trainer.Pelvia encourages you to use lubricant in your intimate relationships, even when we think we do not need as much enjoy the slippery sensation occurs, reducing most uncomfortable chafing. Lubricant used mainly to facilitate vaginal fluids to support the body's own or in the case of vaginal dryness. But above all always accompanied by raids anal lubricant because the anus itself does not emit any lubricating fluid.

Cleaning //

Wash your Pelvic Floor Exercisers time with water, neither hot nor cold . Avoid immersing them or leave them under the faucet with a strong stream of water. Apply soap with your hands with a gentle massage and avoid wetting electronic parts should have this possibility , particularly in those toys salpicables not .

To clean Pelvic Floor Exercisers , use a mild soap , natural antibacterial solution or specific tissues . Once clear and clean , always dry your toys into the air to avoid waste rags, paper or towels in direct contact material . In case of accidental wetting electronic somewhere , leave your Pelvic Floor Exerciser disassembled into all its parts possible and deposit it in a dry and ventilated place , until it loses any trace of moisture.

Conservation //

Keep your Pelvic Floor Exerciser in a cool, dry, isolated from direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes . Find contact material that is made to avoid possible allergic reactions to components or deterioration by incorrect use of lubricants , creams , fluids or soaps unsuitable or incompatible with his composition. Remember that the lubricants with bases called " water " are compatible with all materials. If you will not use your Pelvic Floor Exerciser ( contact materials not rigid) for a long period of time, should save it under a thin layer of natural talc without flavorings or additives to better preserve its qualities.