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What is the Pelvic Floor?

The female pelvic floor is a system of muscles, ligaments and nerves that close the abdominal cavity providing a flexible support to the pelvic organs: bladder, uterus and rectum.

This set of muscle resembles a hammock in proper position holding each of these organs. When these muscles are weak, there may be all sorts of problems, from incontinence to a poorer quality of intimate relationships.

Pelvic Floor muscles 

What do I have to know to choose a safe and effective Balls?

For your safety and confidence choose products approved and hypoallergenic material such as elastomer or medical grade silicone.

For your peace of mind choose a system to avoid distortions Balls and sealing materials.


Tips for proper use of your Balls

The Balls exploit the kinetic energy of its internal movement to stimulate your muscles. You need to be in motion to benefit from its effects. The first few weeks do not exceed the 35 -minute daily session, may alternate day.

Preserve your outdoor Balls protected in its original case or a bag, box stable in composition and released no waste. Wash them with a mild soap and let them dry naturally in the air before and after use to ensure hygiene



If you find hard to sustain or introduce your Ball , contact a specialist to assess perineal status and orient you in the process of adapting to your Balls .