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Love Balls de Liebe | Chinese balls duo

Love Balls de Liebe | Chinese balls duo

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Come to market new Liebe Love Balls. The therapeutic qualities of these balls LIEBE are an open secret as it helps to prevent health problems such as urinary incontinence or vaginismus, and improve sexual satisfaction.

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The therapeutic qualities of these balls LIEBE are an open secret, as experts say the good use of Chinese balls, helps prevent health problems such as urinary incontinence or vaginismus, and improve sexual satisfaction.

The use of Chinese balls accompanied by a specific gel help strengthen the pelvic muscles and this can not only provide greater sexual satisfaction for couples in their relationships, but also helps to tackle (or avoid) problems such as urinary incontinence and tears during delivery. The Liebe Love Balls are inserted into the vagina as if they were a buffer and kept inside while performing everyday activities. The use of the Love Balls sessions can be started with 15-20 minutes a day for about three days a week and then extended to four days a week and so you can use them daily. It is important that when used, it is in motion during the session, because the vibration of the Chinese balls is what helps to exercise the pelvic area, although we must avoid sudden movements. We can not use Chinese balls if we plan to run one or two hours as the maximum permitted use for that activity would be half an hour. Nor is it advisable to use when carrying out other dynamic exercises such as those carried out in the spinning. Another aspect that stands sexologists, that when using the Chinese balls is that they should always be accompanied by lubricant. Do not insert into the vagina unlubricated the area, or it may cause injury.

Cleaning the Chinese balls after use is equally important. Thus, they can be washed with soap and water, but it is also advisable to use specific products sold to clean sex toys, as these can eliminate bacteria or germs. And not only to clean the Chinese balls in depth, but you also have to dry thoroughly, preferably with a cotton cloth, as if kept wet can be easily damaged.


Cleaning //

Wash your Pelvic Floor Exercisers time with water, neither hot nor cold . Avoid immersing them or leave them under the faucet with a strong stream of water. Apply soap with your hands with a gentle massage and avoid wetting electronic parts should have this possibility , particularly in those toys salpicables not .

To clean Pelvic Floor Exercisers , use a mild soap , natural antibacterial solution or specific tissues . Once clear and clean , always dry your toys into the air to avoid waste rags, paper or towels in direct contact material . In case of accidental wetting electronic somewhere , leave your Pelvic Floor Exerciser disassembled into all its parts possible and deposit it in a dry and ventilated place , until it loses any trace of moisture.

Conservation //

Keep your Pelvic Floor Exerciser in a cool, dry, isolated from direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes . Find contact material that is made to avoid possible allergic reactions to components or deterioration by incorrect use of lubricants , creams , fluids or soaps unsuitable or incompatible with his composition. Remember that the lubricants with bases called " water " are compatible with all materials. If you will not use your Pelvic Floor Exerciser ( contact materials not rigid) for a long period of time, should save it under a thin layer of natural talc without flavorings or additives to better preserve its qualities.